Thistle Gate Vineyard 2017 Barrel Club

We are offering a limited number of new oak barrels that will stay in use for the next three years. You receive a case of wine each year and keep the barrel at the end of three years. This is a savings of approximately 25% on the wine, plus you get a beautiful barrel.

  • Price: $550 ($275 now, $275 with delivery of first case in fall of 2018).
  • Receive one case of wine every year for three vintages (2017 – 2019).*
  • Ownership plaque placed on barrel.
  • Free barrel tasting during the year (schedule with winemaker).
  • You keep the barrel at end of 3 years (2020) (Craigslist value of $150+).
  • Attend Barrel Club event held each fall.<

*Your case of wine may be selected from current vintage. Limits on certain wines may be imposed (e.g., may be only permitted to select four bottles of a certain wine). In most years, the selection of previous vintage wines will be permitted.

Thistle Gate Vineyard 2017 Case Club

1. Purchase first whole case (12 bottles, can be mixed) at one visit.

  • Receive normal case discount of 15%.
  • Receive 15% on bottle purchases for remainder of 2017.

2. Purchase second whole case at one visit.

  • Receive 20% discount on second case.
  • Receive 20% on bottle purchases for remainder of 2017.
  • Receive free tastings for remainder of 2017.

3. Purchase third whole case at one visit.

  • Receive 25% discount on third case.
  • Receive 25% on bottle purchases for remainder of 2017.



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