2013 Viognier

Aged in French Oak barrels for twelve months, our Viognier is a fragrant dry wine that has notes of honeysuckle and apricot. Monticello AVA grapes. Our Viognier pairs wonderfully with chicken, seafood and nutty cheddar cheese.

2014 Scott’s Landing White

A mostly dry blend of Seyval Blanc (75%), Chardonnay (12.5%), and Viognier (12.5%), Scott’s Landing White is lightly oaked with 1% residual sugar. This wine embodies a wonderful hint of grapefruit and pairs well with salad, scallops, chicken and goat cheese.

2015 Chardonnay

Our delicious Chardonnay begins as Monticello AVA grapes and is aged beautifully in oak barrels. This is a luscious and complex dry wine with notes of vanilla. Chicken, seafood and Brie cheese pair beautifully with this wine.

2015 Chardonnay Reserve

Similar to our standard 2015 Chardonnay but aged in 100% new American Oak barrels, which has increased its intensity. 2017 Silver medal winner – Virginia Governor’s Cup.

2015 Thistle White

This classic Thistle White Wine is 100% estate grown Seyval Blanc. This is an off dry wine that is aged in stainless steel tanks. Two percent residual sugar and pairs especially well with spicy food, chicken and cheeses.

2015 Traminette

Traminette is a hybrid grape whose parentage includes Gewürztraminer. Our 2015 vintage is full of aromatics and floral notes. The wine was fermented and aged in neutral oak barrels. It was finished nearly dry. Traminette pairs well with medium-bodied dishes especially those that are spicy, savory or slightly sweet. 2016 Silver medal winner – Wines of the South


2015 Thistle Blush

Blush wines (also called rosé wines) are made from various red wine grapes. During production, the juice and grape skins have limited contact (1 to 8 hours of maceration), which restricts the formation of deep red colors. Our 2015 Thistle Blush, with 1% residual sugar, is made from an early harvest of our Chambourcin grapes. It was aged in stainless steel and there was an addition of 15% oaked Chardonnay prior to bottling.


2015 Merlot

A Merlot lover’s wine with varietal characteristics. Aged in 100% new American oak. This wine has moderate alcohol and lush, velvety tannins with intense, plum and blackberry fruit. Pairs well with meat dishes, grilled steak, and Italian foods. 2017 Silver medal winner – Virginia Governor’s Cup.

2015 Petit Verdot

Our first vintage of Petit Verdot. A late harvest added tannin, color and flavor to this very delicious wine. Our Petit Verdot is ready to drink now or could be put up for 1-2 years for additional aging. 2016 Virginia State Fair Gold Medal and 2017 Silver medal winner – Virginia Governor’s Cup.

2015 Thistle Red

A 50%/50% blend of Petit Verdot and Merlot. Moderate tannins. Thistle Red pairs well with rich, meat dishes, grilled steak, spicy pork, veal, lamb, all types of game and sausage. 2016 Silver medal winner – Wines of the South.

2015 St. George Red Reserve

Estate grown, late harvest Chambourcin grapes. Our signature red wine is aged in 100% new oak barrels. Cherry flavors and heavy legs abound. Pairs well with everything! 2016 Silver medal winner – Wines of the South.


2012 Tartan Red

This Port-style wine is made from late harvest Chambourcin grapes and fortified with brandy that was distilled from estate grown Chambourcin wine. Tartan embodies cherry flavors, smokey essence and subtle vanilla notes. Tartan is aged in whiskey barrels for 3 years. 18% alcohol. Governor Cup winner.

2012 Highland Red

Our exceptional dark Port-style Highland Red is made from nearly double the amount of late harvest Chambourcin grapes that have been dried to concentrate the natural sugars of the fruit. Highland Red is fortified with brandy that is made from our Chambourcin grapes and aged for two plus years in whisky barrels. 18% alcohol. Savor as an after dinner treat or on its own. Delicious with chocolate. 2016 Silver medal winner – Wines of the South.



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